Viktor Koksharov: UFU to ask for World Cup facilities

8 April 2011 (09:40)

B. N. Yeltsin Ural Federal University is going to lobby the idea of handing the buildings put up in Yekaterinburg in preparation for the World Cup 2018 over to the university, says Rector Viktor Koksharov.

We truly hope that the we could use the scenario of Kazan or Vladivostok in preparing the facilities for the World Cup 2018. Vladimir Putin actually mentioned this recently. This would mean we could put up buildings to host football fans, visitors and reporters and then the university would make good use of these buildings after the championship is over. If Yekaterinburg wins, we will do our best to promote this idea. We are really interested in this,’ Koksharov said.

Now the program on the construction of the infrastructure for the Asian-Pacific summit in Vladivostok in 2012 provides for transferring the facilities over to Far Eastern University later on.

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