Baisarov buys shares of Russian Copper Company

ZAO Russian Copper Company was notified by its shareholder Russian Copper Company Ltd. (RCC), that the latter had sold a 20% shareholding in Russian Copper Company Ltd to a Russian businessman Ruslan Baisarov.

Baisarov will now become a member of the company’s BOD.

ZAO Russian Copper Company was set up by Igor Altushkin in 2004. The group’s trading house manages the RCC Holding’s assets; it is now Russia’s third largest manufacturer of pure copper. Its production capacity comes to 200,000 tons of copper cathodes and 190,000 tons of copper wire rods a year. The company relies on its own raw mineral resources as well as scrap non-ferrous metal.

Russian Copper Company Ltd. (RCC), BVI was founded in 2004. RCC is a vertically integrated production holding that unites over ten major production enterprises in the mining and metallurgical sectors. 80% of RCC shares belong to First Capital owned by Igor Altushkin.

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