Airport Salekhard violates securities legislation

Noviy Urengoi public prosecution authorities for transportation inspected OAO Airport Salekhard for compliance with the existing securities legislation and detected a number of problems, Ural public prosecution authorities for transportation’s press officer reports.

It was revealed that OAO Airport Salekhard violated the existing law on securities while administering its stockholders register. For one, the joint stock company keeps a customer account and a report form of the issuer and not the customer account and a report form of a registered individual. Then, the extract from the company’s stockholders register where the securities transactions are recorded does not provide any information about the number of the registered individual’s customer account.

Upon detecting the violations in questions, the Public Prosecutor for transportation of Noviy Urengoi took legal action against OAO Airport Salekhard. The company now faces an administrative lawsuit, with charges based on Article 15.22 (part 3) of the Russian Federation Administrative Offense Code (some other type of violation of the requirements set by the federal acts and other regulations for the procedure of keeping a stockholders register by an individual responsible for keeping the register).

Having considered OAO Airport Salekhard’s case, the court ruled that the company must face administrative liability through paying a 100,000-ruble fine.

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