SKOL violates air safety rules

Surgut’s public prosecution authorities for transportation checked OOO SKOL Airlines for compliance with the existing aviation safety legislation. It was detected in the course of the inspection that the company had actually violated the laws in question, the press service of Ural Public Prosecutor for Transportation’s Office reports.

The airline is reported to perform all of its air safety activities without a license and make 2.2 million RUR worth of profits out of this; such activity violates the requirements of Russia’s Air Code.

According to the prosecution authorities’ files, the investigative division of Surgut’s Internal Affairs Department instituted a cranial lawsuit, with charges based on Article 171 (part 1) of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (illegal entrepreneurial activity).

In addition, the legal entity involved will have to face an administrative offense lawsuit, with charges based on Article 14.1 (part 2) of the Russian Federation Administrative Offense Code (entrepreneurial activity performed without a registration procedure or a special permission/license). The General Director of OOO SKOL Airlines was ordered to eliminate all the offenses detected.

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