Perm Airlines Violates Aviation Safety Regulations

It has been detected that Perm Airlines violated aviation safety regulations, the spokesperson for Ural Public Prosecution Authorities for Transportation reports.

The inspection by Perm Public Prosecutor for Transportation of how well the company complied with the aviation safety requirements revealed that the company violated them in some instances.

For one, sometimes people accompanying passengers were allowed into the limited access zone during the preflight inspection, even though only passengers with tickets can be present there. The inspection also revealed that the premises used for the body search did not meet the existing legal requirements; the regulations for storing prohibited items that were confiscated from passengers before the flight were also not complied with.

Following the prosecutor’s report, two officials at Perm Airlines had to face administrative liability. What is more, the prosecutor instituted administrative proceedings involving the legal entity, with charges based on Article 11.3.1 of Russia’s Administrative Offense Code; also, a claim was placed with the court so as to make the company bring the preflight inspection premises in compliance with the federal legislation requirements.

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