TUV NORD CERT: MMK can perform in crises

3 November 2010 (11:49)

OAO Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) has successfully undergone the auditing procedures aimed at checking whether the company’s quality management system complies with the international standards recently. The certification process involved plate mill shop 9 (tested for compliance with ISO 9001:2008) and oxygen converter and steel-smelting shops (tested for compliance with ISO/TU 16949:2009).

MMK was also successfully audited for compliance with the STO GAZPROM 9001:2006 standard; the certification process involved plate mill shop 9, the enterprise’s PR Department reports.

In the course of one week, as many as three auditing committees run by TUV NORD CERT and OOO PARITET (OAO Gazprom’s authorized representative) looked into the way MMK’s quality management system is operating and ensuring high quality produce and customer satisfaction. The audit involved nearly all of MMK’s core divisions and auxiliary departments.

This year’s audit was special in that the tests for compliance with STO GAZPROM 9001:2006 standards involved plate mill shop 9 which houses Mill 5000; now this Mill is used for making goods for the oil and gas industry. In addition, the company’s oxygen converter and steel-smelting shops were tested for compliance with the automobile standard ISO/TU 16949:2009.

TUV NORD CERT’s chief auditor and head of the ISO 9001 group Anna Filitz was particularly impressed with the technological upgrades and the launch of the new equipment at MMK despite the hard-hitting recession. What is more, the company could boast some positive production dynamics and switching from paper-based to electronic document handling.

‘I should mention your group’s impressive expertise in the field of quality management system; what is more, all the other divisions’ expertise is also great and keeps improving,’ the auditor said.

‘You managed to introduce the automobile industry standards at your plant successfully and you also manage to meet all the requirements this standard imposes on a company. This is why our recommendation is to renew your certificate, as no instances of non-compliance have been detected. Your quality management system’s strong points are the ability to operate and develop at the time of a recession. It also matters to us that your laboratories have been certified for compliance with ISO 17025 (the general competence requirements for test labs),’ says TUV NORD CERT’s chief auditor and head of the ISO-TU 16949:2009 group Mr. Bureš.

Head of the STO GAZPROM 9001:2006 group Igor Struchkov said this year’s certification procedure was mainly focused on the quality management system of plate mill shop 9. According to the auditor, the shop managed to achieve good quality results over a relatively short period of time.

‘I can definitely declare that MMK is going to get a certificate which will cover plate mill shop 9 as well as other divisions,’ he said.

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