MMK works on energy saving

31 August 2010 (10:51)

OAO MMK Group keeps implementing its energy-saving program for the year 2010.

The program was adopted through order of OOO MMK Management Company’s President Viktor Rashnikov and involves a number of measures aimed at saving electric power, fuel, heat, the products of air separation, and fire-fighting, drinking, and manufacturing water.

In the first half of 2010, Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) and its daughter enterprises completed thirty-four energy-saving projects and are about to finish a few more. These projects covered replacing the traditional light bulbs with energy-saving ones and switching to newer, more energy-efficient machinery. As a result, the annual energy savings are estimated to come to 3 million kilowatt-hours, which saves the company over 7.2 million RUR.

‘In addition, we also completed sixteen fuel-saving initiatives, which results in the annual savings of 3,500 tons of fuel, or nearly 7.8 million RUR. As for the heat energy, pressurized air with products of air separation, drinking water, and manufacturing water, we’ll probably save 6,227 gigacalories, 47,000 cubic meters, 14,400 cubic meters, and 100,000 cubic meters, respectively. This is expected to cut the company’s expenses by over 19 million RUR a year,’ MMK PR Department reports.

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