MMK to save 50m RUR on energy resources

24 April 2014 (09:24)

April 24, 2014. The total economic effect resulting from energy-saving measures implemented by Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) in 2013 is expected to amount to more than 49.5m RUR over a twelve-month period, MMK PR Department reports.

The measures implemented in 2013 will result in over 6m kilowatt/hours worth of electric power savings (some 15m RUR). These savings were effected by replacing the energy-intensive equipment with better counterparts, improving the performance of production facilities, and replacing the old-fashioned light bulbs with energy-saving ones.

What is more, the resource-saving measures in 2013 will save the company over 3,600,000 kg of fuel equivalent, over 13,200 gigacalories of heating power, over 3.7m m3 of compressed air and air separation products, 26 m3 of drinking water, and more than 11.2 m3 of manufacturing water.

To enhance its energy efficiency, MMK Group adopts a program on resource-saving every year. The measures in the program are targeted at saving electric power, fuel, drinking and manufacturing water, heating energy, and air separation products. In addition to the expected economic effect, energy-saving is important in environmental terms: the implementation of the program allows for more rational use of natural resources and reduced impact on the environment.

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