LeMa fined for consumer rights violation

26 July 2010 (08:49)

OOO LeMa, a company which sells KIRBY vacuum cleaners, was fined for violating the consumer rights legislation.

A Yekaterinburg resident applied to Sverdlovsk Region Hygiene and Epidemiology Center asking for legal advice regarding her clash with OOO LeMa located at 3 Bekhterev St. Off. 6.

The said company prepared a demonstration of their product and signed a purchase and sale agreement for KIRBY model Sentra G10E in October 2009. The vacuum cleaner cost 115420 RUR. The presentation took place at night time and contained the information and claims which it was impossible to check or confirm: the body of the vacuum cleaner was allegedly made of NASA-designed aviation aluminum; the machine was said to have 200 patents, to have been designed by Pierre Cardin, and to have the Harley Davidson engine. It was also claimed that the gadget’s cleaning efficiency was unbelievably higher that that of the other vacuum cleaners and that Kirby could fight house dust mites and had a floor-mopping function.

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