Uralvagonzavod: Sibilia to Improve Castings Quality

Uralvagonzavod’s Foundry Shop 8 completed the installation of the Italian vacuum system Sibilia; the system is meant to make the cleanup of sand mixture spillage automatic. All the jobs amounted to over 14m RUR.

Sibilia is a large industrial vacuum cleaner with the capacity of 37 kW. The dirt used to be blown off the production sites, but the new device will, on the contrary, suck the dirt inside a dust collector with the capacity of 4 cubic meters. The dirt will then be transferred onto waste disposal systems.

This is actually not the first such facility Uralvagonzavod has installed. Some more vacuum cleaners are installed in the other parts of Foundry Shop 8 as well as in Foundry Shop 4. These vacuum cleaners have been in use for over eighteen months and have proved efficient, as they reduce the amount of dust considerably and make the cleaners’ work much easier.

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