Governor Yurevitch to direct tax to roads

28 May 2010 (14:28)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region is planning to propose a new legislation to the federal authorities.

Mikhail Yurevitch, who has been running a large city for five years, believes it would be reasonable to direct the transport tax money to the town officials so as to finance municipal improvements.

At the moment, 100% of the existing transport tax money gets transferred to the Russian Federation constituencies’ budgets. Chelyabinsk Region, for one, received 858.5 million RUR last year. Now the Governor suggests that this sum should go to the local towns and cities and be invested in roads and infrastructure development.

‘It is well known that municipal improvement is a sore point with many cities, including those located in Chelyabinsk Region. The town councils usually don’t have enough money for road overhauls or reconstruction as well as for creating lawns, storm sewage systems, or driveways. Street lighting and garbage disposal happen to be catastrophically unreliable services in many municipalities, especially those dependent on the state subsidies. In fact, the situation is getting increasingly worse from year to year, as the towns grow more and more desolate. Should the federal authorities adopt the plan I’m proposing, the Russian cities and towns will obtain more money that will be invested in municipal improvements, and in them only,’ the spokesperson for the Governor refers to Mikhail Yurevitch as saying.

The Governor suggests that the programs adopted by the Communal Housing Services Reform Fund could be used as a model for the new legislation; under the Fund’s schemes, money is supplied from the federal, regional, and municipal budgets.

In addition to this new initiative, Mikhail Yurevitch is going to present five more key municipal problems and solutions to them to the federal authorities.

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