Governor Yurevitch to improve healthcare

23 August 2010 (10:52)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Mikhail Yurevitch discussed the prospects of upgrading the region’s healthcare reform with his deputies and members of the regional Cabinet.

Two large-scale meetings took place in Moscow last week. The meetings, chaired by Head of the Russian Federation Government Vladimir Putin and Health & Social Welfare Minister Tatiana Golikova, were dedicated to the upcoming living standards and healthcare improvements. Thus the agenda of the meeting run by Mikhail Yurevitch covered issues related to upgrades of medical establishments in the region, the spokesperson for the Governor reports.

The Governor says the locals now have to use a medical establishment within the town where they live, and some small places are often inefficient, since they lack modern equipment and doctors with ‘unpopular’ specializations. In the near future, both Russia and Chelyabinsk Region’s healthcare system should adopt a new approach which provides for large, multi-field hospitals in large municipalities, whereas small towns should get better first-aid and Emergency Call system as well as improved polyclinics GP networks.

‘Thanks to these upgrades, our people will get much better medical help. What is more, the federal constituencies will obtain more authority in the field, which will allow them to introduce a new kind of relationship between the people and the medical establishments. As a matter of fact, plenty of countries have already adopted this principle; in Scandinavia, for instance, a patient gets transferred into a large hospital immediately. Of course, this results in more hospital beds, but, on the other hand, the hi-tech medical services become more easily available. A plan for modernizing Chelyabinsk Region’s healthcare system will be devised very soon, and we’ll have a clear idea of how exactly the local citizens can get professional medical assistance,’ Yurevitch added.

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