MMK’s Mill 2000 to produce 2m tons of steel a year

MMK Management Company’s First Vice President for Strategic Development & Metallurgy Rafkat Takhautdinov says he is positive the produce of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) cold roll Mill 2000 will be very popular with the Russian car manufacturers.

According to MMK executive, the enterprise’s management had some thorough market research done prior to launching the project. The research findings made it clear that such a unique facility is quite needed.

‘All the car makers are looking forward to this mill’s produce, especially because the foreign automobile manufacturers who run their factories in Russia are not quite happy with the automobile body sheets that are currently produced in this country. In the future, the home market could need up to 2 million tons of this produce every year. As for the short-term prospects, by 2012 the foreign car makers with factories in Russia alone will probably need 730,000 to 750,000 tons of our metal annually, with the total demand coming to some 1.5 million tons by the year 2013. We are working hard in this direction and see brilliant prospects here,’ MMK PR Department quotes Rafkat Takhautdinov as saying.

The contract for the delivery of cold roll Mill 2000 with the capacity of 2 million tons of goods a year was signed with the German machine-building concern SMS-DEMAG in July 2007. The facility is mainly meant for the production of high quality cold-rolled and zinc-coated rolled stock in accordance with the most advanced technologies; these rolled products will be used to make inner and outer car parts and will also be popular with the household appliances manufacturers and the building industry.

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