UC RUSAL can’t finance children’s health camp

The Russian Federation Mining & Metallurgical Trade Union organized a meeting of UC RUSAL’s trade union chairmen and heads of the Mining & Metallurgical Trade Union’s local divisions with RUSAL management.

The agenda of the meeting covered issues related to changes in the company’s organization and adjustments to the collective agreements based on this year’s labor contract and on positive trends on the aluminum market as well as wage indexation, organization of children’s summer vacations, and voluntary medical insurance for workers.

According to the trade union’s press officer, UC RUSAL representatives assured the attendees that the company was interested in building up on social partnership and promised to meet the current labor contract regulations. Even so, the meeting participants were unable to reach a compromise on some of the issues because the company’s current financial situation still leaves a lot to be desired.

‘The company’s scheme for financing its social welfare programs through the enterprise’s Development Fund is more suitable for competitive businesses whose produce enjoys demand,’ the Mining & Metallurgical Trade Union representatives explain.

Also, the trade unions will still have to solve the problem of adjustments to the collective agreements based on this year’s labor contract locally. Nevertheless, these adjustments fit with the Labor Code and are quite a common negotiating point.

At the same time, the company is still uncertain about financing the children’s health camp, the trade union reports.

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