MMK Group Holds Trade Union Conference in Magnitogorsk

7 October 2019 (09:07)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, October 7, 2019. MMK Group’s 43d trade union conference took place at S.Ordzhonikidze Metallurgists’ Culture Palace in Magnitogorsk, the company’s Information & PR Department reports.

Over 600 people (508 delegates and some 100 invited guests) took part in the event.

Head of MMK Trade Union Boris Semenov presented the trade union’s performance report for the years 2017-2018. According to Semenov, MMK Group Trade Union currently has 48,500 members, which makes it the largest trade union organization in Russia’s mining and metallurgical sector. MMK Group Trade Union’s members make up 12% of all the members of Russia’s Mining & Metallurgical Trade Union and over 50% of all the members of Chelyabinsk Region Trade Union. MMK Group Trade Union comprises members of MMK Trade Union, members of MMK Group’s member enterprises’ trade unions, and members of trade unions at town-run organizations. The trade union relies on social partnership principles in its performance.

‘All of the trade union’s activities are streamlined along specially designated trade union committees. So the Head of MMK Trade Union’s report was, in fact, a report on the performance of the said committees. The trade union’s job, wages, employment, and collective agreement committee plays the key role in this. There are 32 Collective Agreements in use at the company at the moment. The committee keeps an eye on the work quotas and the workers’ pay, looks into and revises the regulations on the working conditions and pay rates, and coordinates job skills contests in the production departments and among the blue-collar workers. MMK Group pays some of the highest wages in the metallurgical sector and thus sets a benchmark for all the other companies in the mining and metallurgical industry to look up to,’ the Information & PR Department says.

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