EVRAZ VGOK Trade Union to Struggle for Better Working Conditions

11 August 2011 (09:54)

The trade union of EVRAZ VGOK (Vysokogorsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise) intends to struggle for better working conditions and more labor safety for the daughter enterprises’ workers as well as for their greater social security. Besides, it was decided to try and convince the owners of the business that outsourcing passenger bus transfer services and the carriage-repairing depot is inefficient. These decisions were made at the 26th trade union conference, Russia’s Mining & Metallurgical Trade Union reports.

All in all, the quality of interaction between the trade union and the company’s management was assessed in a favorable light.

Among the objectives achieved by the trade union is the average monthly pay of 32,320 RUR and the expected monthly pay of over 35,000 RUR.

The conference attendees ruled that the trade union committee’s performance was satisfactory.

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