Marketing Service Group says Urals have 8% of e-market

11 May 2010 (09:40)

The number of Internet users is rising fast in Ural Federal District as well as in the rest of Russia and has actually doubled in the last three years. Last year, 3.5 million people, or 36% of Ural Federal District’s dwellers, were reported to use the Net, RBC Market Research says.

Most of the local e-audience are young people aged 18-34 with higher or specialized secondary education, with the number of male and female users being more or less the same.

Despite the growing number of Internet users, however, Ural Federal District’s e-market is still a bit underdeveloped. Most of the local online shops are federal chains with a representation in Ural Federal District. At the same time, e-shopping turnover went up by 40% in 2009; Marketing Service Group, a researcher, claims the Urals’ e-market can be estimated at 14.8 billion RUR, which makes up 8% of the Russian online sales market.

The Ural e-stores mainly deal in computers and their parts as well as electronic goods and home appliances. According to their customers, they shop online for reasons of cost-cutting and convenience.

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