SKB Kontur gets investors and startups together in Yekaterinburg

On May 15, 2010, the StartupPoint forum will be held in Yekaterinburg for the first time in order to provide a communication platform for the local investors and startup companies. The event is supported by SKB Kontur (the federal IT company), AKSIT Association, and IT-eburg website.

The forum is to take place in the Moskovskaya Gorka Hotel at 131 Moskovskaya St at 2:00 PM. StartupPoint is open to all the startups willing to interest the potential investors in their projects, and it’s absolutely free. The only thing a company has to do is apply for the forum in advance and be willing to present its ideas to the public.

The agenda of the forum covers the discussions on the projects, a speed-acquaintance session for the investors and the startups, and some expert reports on the startups’ potential.

‘StartupPoint is an unprecedented opportunity for getting expert feedback, evaluating one’s project’s attractiveness, and meeting the prospective investors. What is more, Yekaterinburg is a very IT-developed city, so I’m positive this forum will be very efficient,’ says SKB Kontur’s Outward Investment Manager Maxim Stafeev.

The registration is open until May 14, 2010. The forum welcomes anyone willing to present their ideas and share their experience with the other startups.

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