TGK-9 fails to meet investment obligations

25 February 2010 (12:00)

Russia might only be able to launch 71 giga-watts worth of new electricity-generating facilities by 2020 instead of the proposed 72.5 giga-watts, RIA Novosti reports.

‘According to the findings of the Energy Ministry, forty-three power generating units out of 107 proposed new units are not being constructed at the moment. This comes to 9.82 giga-watts worth of power. Seventeen units are currently at the preparation work stage, building and assembly jobs are being done at thirty-eight units, and nine units have been launched this year,’ RIA Novosti states.

The Energy Ministry says such companies as OGK-5, OGK-2, TGK-2, TGK-4, TGK-5, TGK-6, TGK-9, TGK-12, and TGK-13 do not meet their investment obligations.

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