Governor of Chelyabinsk Region approves investing in local nuclear power plant

The concern dealing in provision of electricity and heat at nuclear power plants has placed its Declaration of intent regarding the proposed investment in the construction of South Ural nuclear power plant’s power-generating units with Chelyabinsk Region Government and Petr Sumin, the Governor. Upon looking into the document whose general power facilities layout plan for 2008-2020 had already been approved by the Russian Federation Government, Petr Sumin decided to approve of the Declaration, the spokesperson for the Governor reports.

In addition, the Governor suggested that the concern should carry out all the engineering surveys in Kaslinskiy District and Ozersk in compliance with the Russian federal legislation. The concern is also expected to come up with an environmental impact evaluation for the upcoming construction jobs and the employment of the four power generating units.

All the preliminary documents the concern has to prepare will have to undergo public hearings and an examination by a board of experts. The date, format, and site of the hearings are to be determined by the concern itself.

Rosatom intends to invest over 268 million RUR in the construction of South Ural nuclear power plant in 2008-2020. According to the experts’ estimates, the four power generating units of the prospective plant are to produce 4.6 gigawatts worth of energy, which is particularly impressive given that all of the region’s current power-generating facilities only produce 5 gigawatts altogether.

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