Rimera supplies over 1,100 product units to Fortum

27 January 2015 (13:13)

January 27, 2015. Urals-based Rimera (a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group) supplied over 1,100 product units to Fortum, ChTPZ Group’s press service reports.

The product shipments comprised 108-1,220mm mounting components made from 20, 09G2S, and 17G1S-U steels and stainless steel 08X18N10T, bends drawn through a displacement tube, and reducing fittings made by SOT.

These are meant for upgrading jobs at Chelyabinsk Hydro Power Station, the strategic source of electric and heating power for the city. Rimera delivered the energy company 550 product units for the first power generating unit as well as 554 units for the second one in March-December 2014; all the necessary deliveries are expected to be made by February 2015.

This is the first time Rimera is doing business with an energy company (SOT specializes in making spare parts for leading oil and gas enterprises). To make this cooperation possible, SOT had to receive a special permit to deliver spare parts and units to power stations from Kotlonadzor.

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