Ural Turbine Plant holds talks with Power Machines

9 July 2007 (09:30)

Ural Turbine Plant (part of RENOVA Group) negotiated with a delegation from Power Machines headed by the company’s General Director Boris Vainziher on July 4-5, 2007. The talks concerned the prospects of the two companies’ cooperating and doing business together, the spokesperson for Ural Turbine Plant reports.

The negotiations were attended by top executives of Leningrad Metallurgical Works, Turbine Buckets Plant, TeploEnergoService EC, Ural Turbine Plant Services, and Ural Power Engineering Industry Plant.

'RAO UES of Russia promised to set up 41 giga-watts worth of power facilities by 2010, which induces Russian power engineering industries to do business together. Ural Turbine Plant is the company with the greatest expertise in the field of cogeneration turbines production, Leningrad Metallurgical Works is one of the best producers of condensing turbines. We are now looking into the ways of making our production cycles faster together,’ Ural Turbine Plant CEO Vladimir Ermolaev says.

The companies are planning to sign some protocols of intent that would provide for the development of spare parts for steam turbines by the Ural companies.

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