Rospotrebnadzor warns workers get sick at metal plant

3 February 2010 (12:15)

The representatives of Sverdlovsk Region division and Revdinskiy and Nizhneserginskiy departments of Rospotrebnadzor (the state consumer rights watchdog) carried out a scheduled field check of Nizhneserginskiy metal goods plant (NLMK Group’s member). The inspection detected a number of grave health legislation offenses, all of which were related to sanitary arrangements aimed at making the working conditions better and safer.

The plant’s recent reconstruction that brought about some new production technologies was assumed to have improved the employees’ labor conditions. However, the inspection made it clear that the working conditions of some employees remained the same. They were still harmful, posed health risks far beyond the hygienic regulations, and led to dust-generated lung pathologies and hearing organ diseases.

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