EVRAZ KGOK violates sanitary legislation

21 August 2013 (09:22)

August 21, 2013. Sverdlovsk Region division of Rospotrebnadzor carried out a scheduled inspection of EVRAZ KGOK and detected 20 violations of the sanitary and epidemiological wellbeing requirements, the spokesperson for the division reports.

For one, EVRAZ KGOK does not provide the necessary working conditions for its employees, and the dust and pollutants content in the air inside the production zones does not meet the existing hygienic requirements.

The company also lacks a full list of the raw materials it uses with the corresponding documentation to accompany it; nor does it have the sanitary and epidemiological reports and registration papers for the raw materials. Also, there is no schedule for checking the ventilation facilities at the site, and their efficiency is not tested in any way.

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