Chelyabinsk Region to invest in social benefits

30 July 2009 (12:03)

According to Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin’s order, most of the 2.7-billion-ruble subsidy allocated from the region’s budget to deal with some top priority issues will be directed to the social benefit programs.

‘Given the current tax revenues deficit, we must do our best to pay the public sector workers’ salaries and make all the social benefit payments. What is more, the Governor was able to find the means to do even more,’ Deputy Governor Evgeniy Redin said at a press conference.

Redin also noted that not a single socially important construction project had been halted in the region, so the builders keep working on the cardiovascular surgery and positron emission tomography center in Chelyabinsk, the oncologic dispensary, and the region’s clinical hospital’s sixth extension.

The official said money would be provided to help schools with remodeling and buying textbooks, to support families with many children who need to get their kids ready for the new school year, and to assist the poorer citizens in getting access to the natural gas supply network. Then, the Great Patriotic War veterans will also be given allowances to have their apartments repaired and hooked up to the natural gas supply network. In addition, some financing is to be provided for putting up obelisks on the deceased veterans’ graves. What is more, all of the region’s 345 war veterans in need of housing will have got it by Victory Day (which is to be celebrated for the 65th time on May 9, 2010).

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