Severnaya Kazna Insurance Company’s losses come to over 62%

21 April 2009 (11:42)

Severnaya Kazna Insurance Company’s profits reached 151.876 million RUR in the first quarter of 2009, including 101.006 million RUR coming from voluntary insurance types and 50.869 million RUR coming from the obligatory car insurance. The insurance payments amounted to 95.507 million RUR, including 63.118 million RUR worth of payments on voluntary insurance cases and 32.389 million RUR on the obligatory car insurance cases, the company reports.

The business’s losses came to 62.89% in the first quarter of the year: the figures for the obligatory car insurance and for voluntary insurance came to 63.7% and 62.49%, respectively.

‘It’s true that the company’s sales dropped in January-March compared with the year before. This largely has to do with the general economic crisis; insurance services have grown the least popular with legal entities, while private individuals mostly have their cars insured rather than anything else,’ says Severnaya Kazna Insurance Company’s General Director Alexander Merenkov.

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