Unprofitableness of local insurance company makes up 67.5% in 2005

15 February 2006 (11:26)

Severnaya Kazna, insurance company of Yekaterinburg, attracted 591,178 million RUR of investments in 2005, of which 185,644 million RUR were collected in the last three months, the company’s spokesperson reports.

According to Marketing and Advertising Director Marina Medvedeva, the amount of money invested throughout October to December 2005 was 16% percent greater than that invested in July to September. Yet the company had to pay 399,043,000 RUR, or up 46.5% of insurance money in 2005 (compared to 272,346,000 RUR a year earlier).

Thus, the total unprofitableness of the company comprised 67.7% (64.13% in 2004) in 2005 and 61% for voluntary insurance and 71.44% for obligatory drivers’ insurance.

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