Ingosstrakh Insurance Company sums up its achievements in the Ural Region in January to July 2006

4 August 2006 (13:52)

According to provisional estimations, the total amount of direct insurance premiums received by Ingosstrakh branches affiliated to the company’s Ural Regional Center has come to 511.006m RUR during the first half of 2006, which exceeds the corresponding figures for the previous year by 44%. The voluntary insurance premiums amounted to 439.203m RUR (an increase of 48%), including 101.266m RUR of personal insurance fees (an increase of 41%). The property insurance premiums came to 324.935m RUR (an increase of 48%), whereas the liability insurance premiums increased by 120% up to 13.002m RUR. Obligatory car insurance premium returns amounted to 71.803m RUR.

Within the seven months of 2006, the total direct insurance payouts of the Ural Ingosstrakh branches have come to 168.269m RUR including 56.086m RUR of the voluntary insurance payouts, 61.195m RUR of the property insurance payouts and 0.241m RUR of voluntary liability payouts. Obligatory car insurance payouts amounted to 50.747m RUR.

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