URSA Bank to offer scholarship despite crisis

‘We’ve offered our Andrei Kozlov scholarship to Yekaterinburg students for the second time this year. I see this as a trend, actually, and I am positive that the scholarship will be available to the worthiest finalists next year as well, in spite of the current crisis. We have been doing this (and intend to go on) because the arriving generation of managers and finance experts will be useful to both URSA Bank and the entire country,’ URSA Bank’s acting President Vadim Manin announced during the final selection procedure at Ural State Technical University in Yekaterinburg.

The winners entitled to Central Bank, the Association of Russian Banks, and URSA Bank’s Andrei Kozlov scholarship are: Anton Zlatkovskiy, Evgeniy Krasilnikov, and Tatiana Fedorova, who will now be receiving a monthly allowance of 13,000 RUR.

The scholarship was set up in 2006 to support Russia’s growing intellectual and financial elite and praise the students’ excellence in the field of economics and finance.

‘I was greatly impressed by the finalists presenting their cases to the scholarship committee. I certainly expected the reports to be good, but they proved much greater than anything I had hoped for – the students did a great research and were thoroughly prepared for the Q&A session. They are obviously going to shape the Russian finance system’s bright future,’ Manin noted.

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