URSA Bank invites retirees to Personal Finance University

18 December 2008 (09:28)

URSA Bank’s Personal Finance University welcomes all the ‘golden age’ retirees interested in enhancing their financial literacy. The lectures and seminars will be given on the premises of Veterans’ Councils, universities and Retirement Fund’s departments in the Ural and Siberian cities on December 15-23, 2008. In the course of their lectures, the bank’s experts are to tell the attendees about the current state of the country’s banking system, clever savings management, handling money orders, and using bank cards.

URSA Bank has been offering its Personal Finance University workshop to the interested audience for five years now. Classes are held in the Urals, Siberia, the Far East and the Volga Region – nearly forty Russian cities altogether. The seminars are organized twice a year, that is, each spring and shortly before New Year. The lecture materials and the handouts get updated every year, so the students can be aware of the latest news and make good managerial decisions regarding their personal funds.

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