Bank grant winners to make reports on April 16, 2009

7 April 2009 (10:34)

Six people entitled to Andrei Kozlov Scholarship are to present their financial projects to the scholarship committee on April 16, 2009.

The scholarship was introduced by the Central Bank, the Association of Russian Banks, and URSA Bank in 2006 to support the students with excellent competence in economics and banking business. The scholarship winners are to receive a monthly allowance of 13,000 RUR.

URSA Bank reports Ural State Technical University is one of the five colleges where the program is run, with the selection process conducted in March and April 2009. The university proposed thirteen grant applications to be considered; then, the selected applicants were tested and interviewed by URSA Bank’s executives.

‘The scholarship program has been available for over two years now, with eighteen gifted students from five different cities receiving additional financial aid and development motivation. This project is our tribute to the Central Bank Chairman Andrei Kozlov who was assassinated in the fall of 2006. It was under his management that the deposit insurance system was launched in Russia and the unified standards for the banks’ performance were developed,’ says URSA Bank’s acting President Vadim Manin.

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