Housing prices average 57,860 RUR in Yekaterinburg

14 April 2009 (07:57)

Yekaterinburg’s existing home prices were stable on March 10 through April 7, 2009, with the average price reaching 57,860 RUR per square meter of housing on April 7, 2009, which was 1.75% less than four weeks earlier. In certain parts of the city, however, the prices dropped by 1.35% to 2.47%, with the weekly price fluctuations ranging between +.32% and -.67%,’ reports President of Ural Chamber of Real Estate Mikhail Davy.

The Chamber’s forecast is that the housing market isn’t going to experience any significant changes in the nearest future, with the average housing prices only changing slightly from week to week. At the same time, the price range among the similar flats within the same market segment is still great enough, which means the lowest prices for certain apartment types might even increase rather than go down.

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