Yekaterinburg Housing Prices Go up 8.4%

8 November 2012 (09:32)

November 8, 2012. According to the data available as of November 5, the average price of one square meter of housing available on the existing homes market in Yekaterinburg comes to 69,211 RUR. The growth rate has remained the same since August and it now stays within about 0.2% a week. All in all, housing has grown 8.4% more expensive since the beginning of the year, Ural Real Estate Chamber’s Analytical Department reports.

Following the summertime stability, the supply has been going up for the last two months as well. The number of apartments offered for sale has increased by 4% over this period. All in all, the supply has risen by 36%, or 1,900 apartments, since January 1, 2012. The Chamber’s database now amounts to about 7,200 apartments, with 550 to 650 new offers added every week.

Prices have been going up most rapidly in the city’s fifth most expensive area for the last four weeks: the average figure rose by 2.7%, thus reaching 50,371 RUR per square meter. The price of centrally located housing increased as well: prices in Yekaterinburg’s most expensive area went up by 1.3% and came to 88,172 RUR per square meter. The other areas remained much more stable in this respect. For one, apartments only grew 0.7% more expensive in the second most expensive areas, so prices reached 71,302 RUR per sq m on average. Prices in the next most expensive area rose by 0.4% and came to 63,105 RUR per sq m on average. Prices in the fourth most expensive area remained the same as four weeks ago: 59,090 RUR per sq m.

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