MMK spends over 1 billion on social welfare in 2008

2 March 2009 (10:07)

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) spent over 1 billion RUR on social welfare programs in 2008. The company’s PR Department reports they increased their spending on aiding the war veterans through Metallurg charity fund and on other charity projects. For one, the number of employees who had a chance to go to the corporate health centers last year was 8% greater compared to the year 2007. Then, some 10,000 people were offered paid trips to MMK’s ski resorts, which exceeded the figures for the previous year by 40%. Finally, the enterprise kept on supporting the new mothers and their children as well as large families, helping their younger workers buy a home, and protecting the elderly.

What is more, MMK won the contest where the metallurgical enterprises competed in terms of social efficiency as the company with The Most Socio-Economically Efficient Collective Agreement and was therefore awarded with the Ministry for Industry and Energy’s diploma.

All in all, the company runs a wide range of social welfare programs through its social infrastructure establishments, Metallurg charity fund, Klyuch housing and investment fund, the Young Metallurgists Union, and some other organizations.

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