Auchan’s stale fish leads to legal action

Moscow’s public prosecution authorities (namely, their Investigative Committee) initiated a criminal lawsuit against Auchan hypermarket chain after it was detected that some poor quality seafood had been on sale in the stores.

‘After the fact of one of Auchan’s divisions selling bad foods had been verified, our investigative authorities took legal action with charge based on Article 237 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (Manufacturing, storage, and transportation or sale of products or rendering of services that don’t meet the determined safety requirements),’ the authorities report.

The offending items include the so-called beer entrée sets consisting of Atlantic salmon and sturgeon, salmon and trout caviar, canned crabmeat, and oysters. None of these met the safety or nutritional value standards; moreover, experts have already declared they are even hazardous for people’s health, Novosti Information Agency maintains.

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