Auchan to face 11 administrative suits in Sverdlovsk Region

14 November 2008 (09:08)

The public prosecution authorities of Yekaterinburg’s Verkh-Isetskiy district carried out an inspection of two Yekaterinburg-based Auchan stores in Metallurgov St. and Khalturin St. The inspection was made on behalf of the regional public prosecution authorities and was targeted at checking the enterprise’s compliance with the consumer rights legislation after an application was made by a representative of Plenipotentiary Representatioon of Russian Federation President in Ural Federal District.

It was detected in the course of the inspection that the supermarket chain could be accused of numerous violations of strong drinks sales legislation as well as sanitary regulations and laws pertaining to the sales of some other items.

For one, Auchan appears to be offering its customers some products that do not meet the hygienic safety requirements as well as storing hurt merchandise alongside with the good quality one. In addition, the enterprise is believed to skip on the organized washing of the employees’ uniform and on the disinfectant procedures and medical checkups. As for the strong drinks sales, Auchan was reported to sell them without the excise duty stamps and the necessary accompanying documents at the point of sale.

The public prosecution authorities thus initiated eleven administrative lawsuits against Auchan and the company’s management, with charges based on Articles 14.4, 14.16, and 15.12 of the Administrative Offense Code.

The authorities also found out that a number of Auchan’s employees with foreign citizenship violated their terms of residence in the Russian Federation, which resulted in three more administrative suits, with charges based on Article 18.8 of the Administrative Offense Code.

The company’s CEO received a number of warnings, while Sverdlovsk Region Minister for Trade, Catering, and Service was sent a report on the inspection results and was asked to impose greater control over Auchan.

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