Ural Airlines flies 64,800 people in January

18 February 2009 (08:17)

‘Despite the Russian economy’s current troubles, Ural Airlines’ development indicators still showed some positive dynamics in January 2009. All in all, most of them have remained at or above last year’s level,’ the airline’s press officer said to an UrBC reporter.

In the meantime, the transport clearing chamber reports the overall Russian carriers’ passenger turnover has dropped by 20% this January in comparison with a year earlier. However, Ural Airlines serviced exactly the same number of people last month as in January 2008, that is, 64,800 passengers altogether, including 22,240 people who used the carrier’s international flights, 33,674 people who used domestic flights, and 8,886 people who used flights operated within the CIS.

The airline operated 723 flights in January 2009, which exceeded the figures for a year earlier by 2%. This covers 222 international flights, 410 domestic ones, and 86 flights within the CIS. This was, respectively, 40% more, 14% less, and 43% more than in January 2008.

In addition to flying its passengers, Ural Airlines transported 312 tons of cargo and mail last month. The carrier’s factual passenger turnover came to 177.812 million passenger-kilometers, while its factual ton-kilometer turnover came to 16.779 ton-kilometers. Both of these figures exceed those for a year earlier by 5%.

The passenger load factor reached 59%, the revenue load came to 56% in January 2009.

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