Ural Airlines flies 1.02 million people in January-August 2008

12 September 2008 (08:50)

Ural Airlines’ experts came up with a report on the results of the air carrier’s activity in the first eight months of the year.

The company’s press officer reports their passenger turnover rose by 21% compared to January-August 2007 and reached 1.02 million people. The carrier flew 197,600 passengers in August 2008 alone, which was 14% better than a year earlier and set the year’s record so far. The increase was the greatest among international travelers.

The passenger turnover at international flights grew by 59% against January-August 2007, that at domestic flights dropped by 1%, and that at the flights operated within the CIS grew by 21%. All in all, 495,400 passengers used the carrier’s domestic flights, 445,900 people used international flights, and 79,800 passengers used flights operated within the CIS in January-August 2008.

In August 2008, the airline flew 96,600 passengers via its international flights (which was 49% better than in August 2007), 86,600 passengers via its domestic flights (which fell short of last August’s figures by 11%), and 14,400 passengers via flights within the CIS (which was 25% better than in August 2007).

Ural Airlines’ aircraft were used in 8,469 flights in January-August 2008, including 4,840 flights within Russia, 2,825 international flights, and 720 flights within the CIS. The number of operated flights rose by 14% compared to January-August 2007, including a 59% increase in the number of international flights, a 26% increase in the number of flights within the CIS, and a 2% drop in the number of domestic flights.

The airline operated 1,378 flights in August 2008, including 539 international flights (which exceeded the figures for a year earlier by 52%), 725 domestic flights (which fell short of last August’s figures by 16%), and 104 flights within the CIS (which exceeded the figures for a year earlier by 21%), the company’s press officer reports.

The carrier’s factual passenger turnover reached 2,755,948,000 passenger-kilometers in January-August 2008; the freight load came to 256,989,000 ton-kilometers, which was 32% and 31% better than in the eight months of 2007, respectively. In August 2008, the figures came to 566,362,000 passenger-kilometers (25% better than in August 2007) and to 52,040,000 ton-kilometers (24% better than in August 2007), respectively.

The passenger load amounted to 77.7% in January-August 2008, which exceeded the figures for a year earlier by 1.3%; the revenue load amounted to 70.6%, which was .4% better than in January-August 2007. In August 2008, the passenger load came to 86% (the same as a year earlier), while the revenue load reached 76% (the same as a year earlier).

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