Meteorite & Co to slow down club construction

The construction of 3D Club (the apartment block) in Yekaterinburg will have to be slowed down in comparison with last summer’s rate because of the current economic crisis. Meteorite (Meteorit & Co Ltd), the general contractor, says the main reason for this is the lack of investment from the investor, that is, 3D Club construction cooperative.

The cooperative Board suggested that the future apartment owners might do without the complete remodeling of their rooms so that the money saved could be used to cover the underground parking lot. The Board explained that the complete remodeling was an expensive and a labor- and time-consuming thing.

3D Club’s sales department was asked to come up with a special sales plan for underground parking lots, office areas, and the remaining portion of apartments.

‘In case these sales go as planned, the general contractor will be able to deliver the apartments to their owners as soon as the first quarter of 2009, and then the building can be commissioned,’ Meteorite reports.

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