Olips sells apartments in Sozvezdiye

22 April 2008 (09:17)

One of Yekaterinburg’s major developers started selling apartments in the seventh building of Sozvezdiye apartment block on April 21, 2008. Sozvezdiye is one the best places to buy a home in as far as the western end of the city is concerned. The total area of all the eight buildings within a block comes to over 80,000 square meters; the place is conveniently located along Fuchik St., Belinskiy St, and Tchaikovsky St. next to Dirigible mall, some kindergartens, a school, and an amusement park. Besides, the block is architecturally appealing and can boast nice apartment layouts, a spacious underground parking area, and offices and shops to be housed on the first three floors.

The first eighteen-storey building has already been commissioned, the second twenty-five storey one will have been commissioned by the end of the year. The third and the eighth buildings (both eighteen-storey ones) will be commissioned early in 2009. The seventh building, whose apartments are now for sale, is made up of a seven-storey, a ten-storey, and a fourteen-storey section (131 apartments ranging in area from 50.64 square meters to 112.36 square meters altogether); an underground parking is provided.

The construction process, fully authorized with all the permits, will have been completed by the first quarter of 2010. If you buy early, prices will only come to 53,000 RUR per square meter of dwelling (the best offer among such class of housing in this part of the city). In addition, you can take a mortgage loan to buy an apartment there.

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