Sinara-Development Starts 2nd Extension to Albatross

12 July 2011 (10:35)

Sinara-Development (Sinara Group) is about to start working on the second extension to Albatross, a large apartment block in Belinsky St and Savva Belykh St in Yekaterinburg, Sinara Group’s PR Department reports.

Sinara Development built the first section of the block in 2009-2010.

The new section will be put up in the place where a dilapidated two-storey house is situated at the moment, at 1 Savva Belykh St. The old building is to be pulled down, and all the dwellers have by now been relocated to new homes. The second extension to Albatross will be a two-entrance block, with the number of floors varying from eleven to seventeen; there will be offices and shops on the first floor. The building is classified as a comfort class one and offers its future inhabitants one-, two-, three-, and four-room apartments with area ranging from 42 to 121 sq m. Small 31-square-meter studios are also available. The apartments will be sold in the ‘ready-for-remodeling’ way, that is, with all the engineering infrastructure complete and all the surfaces evened out for the finishing cover.

As the developer of the project, Sinara Development covers the coordination and the financing of the project as well as ensures compliance with the existing legislation, the quality of the work done, and meeting deadlines. This means the company guarantees that the future apartment owners will get their new homes in full compliance with the terms of the agreements they sign,’ says the company’s Director-General Timur Ufimtsev.

The apartments in the second extension are sold by Albatross 2, a housing cooperative acting alongside Sinara Development to obtain money from the future owners to finance the construction.

The second extension to Albatross is supposed to be finished in the fourth quarter of 2012. The first customers will be able to buy apartments on preferential terms and with significant discounts, with prices starting from 44,000 RUR per sq m,’ Ufimtsev pointed out.

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