Fire Breaks Out at Nuclear Power Plant Construction Site

17 July 2012 (10:58)

Some falsework plates caught fire at the construction site of Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant’s power-generating unit 4, but the fire was put out soon, Rosatom reports.

The fire broke out on July 16 at 8:30 AM local time in the building of the unit’s main casing. This was caused by a short circuit failure in the electric cable used for supplying electricity onto the site.

The fire was extinguished by the firefighting team of Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant’s security personnel. No one was hurt.

The construction site of power-generating unit 4 is located within two kilometers to the north of the active Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant and is administered by the directorate of Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant 2 (currently under construction).

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