SKB-Bank’s online users like the site

1 October 2008 (08:51)

According to the findings of an interactive survey, most visitors to SKB-Bank’s official website found the site very convenient. 531 people were surveyed altogether within three weeks’ time, the bank’s press officer reports.

43% of respondents feel provides an easy way of finding any necessary information related to the bank’s performance, while the convenient navigation makes it possible to find the details on any service within just one or two clicks.

19% of those surveyed say the site is generally simple to use, although it takes them a few minutes to get the grasp of the structure. They might have meant looking for various forms like questionnaires, loan applications, and reference documents that are often located under the subheadings.

Then, 13% of respondents were apparently unable to find the information they needed, while a quarter of those surveyed believed SKB-Bank’s website was out-of-date and had to be replaced.

As a matter of fact, SKB-Bank’s current website was introduced in March 2005. The new site’s concept has already been developed, with even more convenience and lots of interesting features and interactive functions built into it

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