Business packages sales rise 15% a month, URSA Bank reports

23 September 2008 (07:39)

URSA Bank has already sold 10, 110 business packages to legal entities and sole traders within a year of launching the offer.

The offer that comes in a cardboard box is a set of options that provides for the cash transactions and settlement operations and an easier loan-getting procedure for businesses. The program was launched at the end of September 2007 in Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. Now the offer is available in ninety-two Russian cities.

‘The sales rise by 15% a month on average. We’ve already provided our customers with 2.5 billion worth of loan limits under the business package program,’ says URSA Bank’s Deputy GD Daniil Sandler.

‘The bank is planning to convert most of its business customers and sole traders to the business package scheme before the end of the year, while we hope one hundred percent will be using them by the first quarter of 2009,’ the bank’s press officer reports.

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