URSA Bank’s business packages make banking services cheaper, Olga Kalyuzhnaya says

4 August 2008 (11:39)

‘Our latest campaign targeted at introducing some new ways of working with businesses (known as Business Packages for Legal Entities) has resulted in some good outcomes. The bank’s partners proved very interested in this innovational offer, so over 50% of business customers’ accounts in URSA Bank’s Tyumen branch have been switched to one or another business package by June 20, 2008. In addition, about seventy new legal entities have set up accounts there over the last three months. All of them chose our Acquaintance package,’ Director of URSA Bank’s Tyumen branch Olga Kalyuzhnaya said to UrBC.

‘It appears that all four packages we offer (Acquaintance, Development, Leader, and Partner) are quite popular with our customers. Development and Leader probably enjoy the greatest demand, as they are aimed at meeting the needs of small and medium enterprises. Our Partner package, targeted at large companies, attracts a lot of attention as well,’ she added.

‘The new way of doing business with URSA Bank definitely enjoys good demand. One reason for this is that business packages give our customers plenty of new advantages compared to the traditional settlement and cash services: they are universal in nature, they save you money, and they work faster. The packages are paid for once a month, which means the customer is spared the trouble of having to pay for every single transaction, which cuts down on the accounting costs,’ Olga Kalyuzhnaya explained.

‘URSA Bank’s business packages make accounting easier and banking services cheaper, as each package has a fixed price offered for a particular set of services,’ the bank’s executive said.

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