We meet each business’s unique needs, URSA Bank says

8 September 2008 (07:55)

‘We recently went for wholesale, rather than retail sales of our banking services in the business package format. This means our customers can now choose among several ‘lending schemes’ or ‘subscription offers’ depending on which package best suits their needs at the moment. A customer can pay once a month or even once a year and get the access to all the necessary services they won’t have to worry about paying for every time they need them.

This approach benefits both the bank and the customer: our partners can get the kind of service that is as customized in accordance with their needs as possible, while the bank is capable of standardizing its customer service procedures,’ URSA Bank’s Deputy GD Daniil Sandler said to an UrBC reporter.

URSA Bank’s four business packages (Acquaintance, Development, Leader, and Partner) all include basic services like opening and administration of accounts, a checkbook, the overdraft option, and settlement and cash services.

‘We are trying to think of each particular business’s specific demands; our packages are targeted at companies which differ in their financial activity and may want differing loan volumes. As a business expands and develops, a switch to a new, more suitable package is always available,’ Sandler explained.

‘The service has been dubbed ‘box offer’ by URSA Bank’s employees, since the documents come in a cardboard box containing everything from the agreement papers and software to managers’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses to a flash card with a remote servicing access code. The boxes are presented to the customers in the course of a solemn agreement-signing ceremony,’ the bank executive noted.

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