70% of legal entities use business packages, URSA Bank reports

13 August 2008 (09:49)

‘We first offered the packages to our business customers less than six months ago. Since then, over 70% of legal entities that use our bank have switched to this or that package. The percentage actually looks less impressive in some cities, while in some more economically advanced places like Nizhniy Tagil, Kamensk-Uralskiy, and Pervouralsk the figures are even greater,’ says head of URSA Bank’s Sverdlovsk subsidiary Alexei Surganov.

The bank came up with four business packages: Acquaintance, Development, Leader, and Partner.

‘All the packages cover such basic services as the opening and administering of an account, providing the customers with a checkbook, the overdraft option, and the settlement and cash operations. The Acquaintance package is targeted at the newcomers, who can test our services at a very reasonable price. After using this package for three months, the company is supposed to choose one the other three packages, depending on their needs. The Development package is good for small companies that only need a limited number of operations involving their accounts. This package covers the prepaid settlement and cash services and e-banking services through Internet Bank or Client Bank. Our Leader package provides for more prepaid payment transactions, more available cash, and a greater range of banking products. Finally, the Partner package is suitable for companies that need a very wide range of banking services. The number of payment transactions is not limited under these scheme, while the access to all of the bank’s unique loan offers is provided, which cuts down on the time of processing loan applications considerably,’ Alexei Surganov explains.

‘Small businesses normally choose the Development package; larger ones go for the Leader and Partner packages. I believe all of our customers are going to start using our business packages before the end of the year,’ he notes.

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