Commercial buildings to be put up in Academic construction project area in 2009, reports Managing Director of project Stanislav Pridvizhkin

4 December 2006 (11:48)

Buildings meant for commercial purposes and a trade and entertainment center will be put up in Academic construction project area in 2009, the Managing Director of the project Stanislav Pridvizhkin announced at the conference devoted to the region-specific features of real estate market in the Ural Federal District in the first year of the national Available and Comfortable Housing to Russian Citizens program.

According to Mr Pridvizhkin, they will start developing the engineering facilities first, as well as building roads and interchanges. At the same time, the first residential quarter will be constructed, so the people who are going to buy their flats there will not be isolated from the rest of the town.

‘We intend to maintain the balance between the supply and demand in order to make sure that the new housing in Academic area does not provoke the price-growing rates typical of Yekaterinburg over the last few years,’ he said.

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