Chelyabinsk Region to spend 3.064 billion RUR on roads

5 June 2008 (14:48)

3.064 billion RUR will be allocated for construction and renovating of highways in Chelyabinsk Region this year. The spokesperson for the region’s Ministry for Construction, Infrastructure, and Roads reports 1.876 billion RUR will be supplied by the region and 1.187 billion RUR will be supplied by the federal authorities. 1 billion RUR will be spent on Chelyabinsk roads and the rest will be invested in regional highways, including 50.3 kilometers worth of new roads and five bridges and overhead crossings with the total length of 556 meters. In addition, 323 kilometers worth of roads in the region’s cities and towns will be renovated.

All in all, Chelyabinks Region’s road-building industry’s budget amounts to 7.7 billion RUR for the year 2008.

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