UC RUSAL’s Bogoslovskiy smelter to make treads for international pipeline

30 September 2008 (08:00)

UC RUSAL’s Bogoslovskiy smelter is now working on some large treads and protectors meant for anticorrosion protection of an international gas pipeline located on the bottom of the Kara Sea. The treads are being made by order of Moscow pipe facility.

‘The plant has been asked to make 120 tons of PBTA 1200 protectors that will protect the 1,219-millmeter steel pipes with wall thickness of 27 millimeters. These pipes are designed to withstand the pressure of 120 atmospheres. The use of such pipes in the Kara Sea’s special climate conditions is unique both to Russia and the entire world,’ UC RUSAL’s press officer for Ural Federal District Roman Lukichev reports.

‘Bogoslovskiy smelter has been making such protectors for over thirty years now and its produce has been certified and given a special quality seal,’ says Bogoslovskiy smelter’s GD Oleg Burkatskiy.

Moscow pipe facility is to receive 400 tons of treads in 2008 altogether.

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